Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Torpidity promo poster project.

The Torpidity promo poster project is simply this. I went on Facebook.com and posted a status up date requesting for my friends who are artist to help us out. We had several people respond and I will be posting them as they come to us.

This one was illustrated by our new friend Casey Mosman aka Casey Bug.
Which we absolutely love. She captured the boys so well.
You can check out her portfolio (which is really good by the way)
at http://www.myspace.com/caseybugcreations

This one was illustrated by Jer Robert Paulin a good friend of ours. He is actually the original designer of our logo. This is bad ass as these boys will ever look. You can see his portfolio at http://jrpisme.com/

This one was ilustrated by Mark Baiz. I have know Mark since high school and all this time I have known him he has loved illustrating comics. He has the boys doing what they do best. You can check out his portfolio at http://www.markbaiz.carbonmade.com/

This one was Illustrated by Lindsay Gilbert. Can you guess what movie influenced this poster? You can check out her awesome portfolio at www.lindseygilbertillustration.com

We got this one a little later then the others but as you can see it has been well worth the wait. Another good friend of GSS knocked this on out of the park. This poster was Illustrated by Austin James you can see his amazing portfolio at http://austinjames.tumblr.com/ Also keep an eye out for his comic book Florida Fresh coming soon.

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